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MC, LJ, and JR Work Together to speak about and bring about The Good Side

The Good Side Podcast was developed as a need to share the Good things that are happening in the world and the community.

Michael (MC) Franklin Jr.

Michael Franklin has had a diverse career path, starting from warehouse and customer service jobs and eventually transitioning into marketing and technology. He has worked for several well-known companies, including Station Casinos, Bally Technologies, and Xtreme Manufacturing. In his current role, Michael is a Digital Marketing Specialist, web developer, and public relations consultant, and he holds 8 Adobe Certifications in Graphic Design from the Nevada Professional Institute of Technology.

Aside from his professional work, Michael is also involved in several civic and cultural organizations, including Balm of Gilead Global Ministries. He is a Kingdom Citizen and has six children. In his free time, Michael enjoys reading, watching movies, playing basketball, joking, acting, writing, and performing gospel music.

In 2012, Michael joined the Philippine Times of Southern Nevada as the Online Advertising Sales Manager and Website Developer. His role was to increase the newspaper’s visibility in the growing social media market, monitor and maintain consistent readership, and target sales for advertisers.

Catch Phrase:

“I’m a grown man”

Michael (MC) Franklin Jr.

Leizel (LJ)Trinidad-Jacobsen

Leizel Trinidad is the Editor in Chief of the Philippine Times of Southern Nevada, a newspaper based in Las Vegas that serves the Filipino-American community in the region. She oversees the newspaper’s editorial content, including news articles, features, and opinion pieces.

Under her leadership, the Philippine Times has covered a wide range of issues and events related to the Filipino-American community, including cultural celebrations, community events, and local news affecting the community. The newspaper has also published articles on topics such as immigration, politics, and social justice, highlighting the perspectives and experiences of the Filipino-American community.

Leizel Trinidad is a respected journalist with over a decade of experience in the field. She has a degree in Journalism from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and has worked as a reporter and editor for several publications in the region. In addition to her work at the Philippine Times, she has also contributed to other media outlets, including the Las Vegas Review-Journal and the Las Vegas Sun.

John (JR) Russell

Can we count on you?